Facilitating Goodwill Initiatives

What we do

We facilitate and support bigger projects that help create positive change in the communities around us from across different regions of the world.

Traverse City Joy Initiatives (USA)
A USA-based initiative focused on four pillars with each solving the following crises: Troubled youth and foster children, homelessness, addiction, and affordable housing.
Kibera City Joy Initiatives (Africa)
Kibera Joy Initiative – KJI is a non-profit project that seeks to create an enabling environment for young people in the informal settlements of Kenya and Africa at large.
Wezesha Mtoto Initiative (Africa)​
A project under Kibera Joy Initiative (KJI) with an aim of giving a platform to empower young men & boys within the communities in Kenya and Africa as a continent.
My Period, My Pride Initiative (Africa)
A campaign initiative of Kibera Joy Initiative (KJI) conceived in 2019 with the aim of empowering young women & girls in Kenya and Africa as a continent.

Outreach Partners